At 6’3″, 275 lbs, with a face only a mother (and wife) could love, I am the ultimate bad guy, bouncer, security officer, and the guy on the airplane you don’t want to sit by!  I’m far from a one trick pony… Ever since I landed the role of Abraham Lincoln in the third grade Thanksgiving skit, I have blossomed into an actor with a range you wouldn’t expect!

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Paddy ‘O Furniture Commercial Featured Extra

Chosen based off of my profile picture, I was the perfect choice to be the guy at the DMV you really don’t want to have to sit by!

Fulton Homes Commercial Principle

Getting ready for my audition to be a realtor who doesn’t seem to care what his clients want!


I can play the bad guy, yes, but I can also bring some comic relief. After all, I am an actor! I can portrait a big clumsy oaf, or a soft hearted dad… a devoted member of the MC biker community, or an athlete just past his prime!

“You have a great look, AC. I was nervous about opening the door for you when you knocked!

-Local Casting Director, when I showed up to a Saturday morning training session

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